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What are your ideas of a TA sequel?

*Poke, poke, at the lj comm, poke, poke*

I know, I know Takehiko Ito told me that Morning Star Studio, I mean Zega Pain, won’t be doing another Thousand Arms game. And I’m not sure if Red Company still exists or not.
But what are your ideas/thoughts about another Thousand Arms game?

Would you want it in the past, before the Emperor went insane? Just to see what the Moon and the Clan of Darkness was like? And the events leading up to the first game?
After the end of the first game?
Or a game that’s in the far future of the world? Just to see how the elemental spirits have fared over the years?

I'll like to hear possible plot ideas for any of these.

And I’m thinking of taking on the Thousand Arms Game Script once Finals are over. Because there’s not a lot of info (FAQs) online and the American Guide Book lacks certain info that I need for a wiki I’m working on.
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