Laughing Hyena (laughinghyena) wrote in thousand_arms,
Laughing Hyena

Created a TA FF.Net forum

I'm the first to create a Thousand Arms forum for the Thousand Arms section on

The Boyzby Spirit Forge and Anvil
Description: Need game help? Want to talk about certain characters or the plot? Tips to fighting off writer’s block and needing a spirit smith to work as a beta? Then you've come to the right place! Come in and discuss about the RPG Dating Sim, Thousand Arms!

However, FF.Net is not making the forum show up on the main page for the Thousand Arms fics (I know, there's only 16...).

Also is anybody interested in making drabble (100 or 500 word count) challenges or one shots?
Anything to get the fandom going?
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