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Book listing...

Just wanted to get this community kicking again.
This is a listing of Thousand Arms books. There's some holes, however, as many of the Japanese books are out of print or hard to find on the web. Any help is welcomed.

ISBN: 4757203454
Publisher: ??

サウザンドアームズ コミックアンソロジー
Publisher: 光文社

サウザンドアームズ コミックアンソロジー/即決
ISBN: ??
Publisher: ??

サウザンドアームズのすべて (Strategy Guide)
ISBN: 757702485
Publisher: Enterbrain

サウザンドアームズ (富士見ファンタジア文庫)
ISBN: 4829113235
Publisher: Fujimi publishing

Thousand Arms - Official Visual Guide Book (Art book)

ISBN: 4797307625
Publisher: Softwarebank Creative

サウザンドアームズ 4コマギャグバトル 少年王火の玉ゲームコミックシリーズ

ISBN: 4334804519
Publisher: ??

The Playstation Books: Thousand Arms (Strategy Guide)
PS サウザンドアームズ スターティングガイド

ISBN: 479730815X
Publisher: Softwarebank Creative

ISBN: 4757203454
Publisher: ??

Official Acclaim Strategy Guide: Thousand Arms
ISBN: ??
Publisher: ??

On another note: I created a Takehiko Ito Community named black_point. Any input would be nice, since it's my first time managing a community. It's closed for now, until I set up rules.
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